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The PumpSelector brings buyers, manufacturers and sellers together

Pump users, planners and tradesmen know the problem: if you want tofind a suitable pumpbased on operating data and compare technical details, the websites of the manufacturers usually offer powerful tools, but only for their products. If you want to extend thepump searchto several manufacturers and compare the products, it quickly becomes a time-consuming and laborious undertaking. This is exactly where comes in. The open platform directly accesses the manufacturers' data via an interface and offers users all information clearly arranged on a single website.


The pump selection process is very simple

The pump search with the PumpSelector is very simple.

Select country - Select category (product area) - Select manufacturers and series - Enter operating data (head, flow, fluid data) - Start pump search - Configure pumps – Send request or be redirected to web shop

Prospective customers enter the operating data and keywords for the area of application or the泵的设计and are shown suitable pumps according to their specifications. These can be sorted and filtered according to various criteria. The next step is to select the available options in thepump configuration, such as material design or connection. An especially helpful feature is the possibility to compare pump models directly with each other.

Once the right pump has been found, the system immediately checks whether the product is available in one of the connectedweb shops. If necessary, anorder can be placedthere immediately. This newly integrated interface offers users the advantage of direct contact with retailers. Alternatively, prospective customers can get in touch with thepump manufacturer通过一个报价请求n.

Proven software technology for the pump selection

Thepump selection and configurationis based on the successful software technology of Spaix, offering users the full performance they already know from many manufacturer tools.

Application fields of the available pumps

Pumps for heating, air conditioning, refrigeration

Pumps for heating, air conditioning, refrigerationThis category includes circulators for central heating systems, district heating plants, domestic hot water systems, and for cooling and air conditioning systems.

Pumps for water supply

Pumps for water supplyThis category includes pumps for domestic water supply and rain harvesting, submersible pumps for groundwater supply, irrigation and groundwater drawdown, pumps for drinking water distribution in water supply networks and pumps and booster sets for pumping and boosting the pressure of hot and cold water.

Pumps for wastewater and sewage transport

Pumps for wastewater and sewage transportThis category includes pumps and lifting units for pumping wastewater and sewage inside and outside buildings, as well as for drainage and flood control.

Industrial pumps

Industrial pumpsThis category includes pumps for handling fluids in industrial processes, especially in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

Available pump manufacturers

BungartzPapantonatosPentair Jung PumpenPentair Sta-RiteShaktiTsurumiWiloZenit

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